Your Retirement

Keystone Wealth Management

Your Retirement

Just as your retirement will be personal and based on your desired lifestyle, your retirement plan needs to be personalized. A personal financial solution to ensure you have the spending and flexibility you desire is of importance for peace of mind.

A review of potential government programs such as CPP, OAS, and GIS should be started in advance of leaving to workforce as efficiencies can be found to take most advantage of the availability.

You are now earning and saving more than you ever have, you have less bills than you ever have, and can see on the horizon the next stage of your life.

A few items to think about at this life stage:

  • A personal financial solution
  • Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Government benefits
  • Spending plan
  • Review of asset allocation and risk tolerance

It’s easy to respond to problems in the present, but it’s much more difficult to look ahead with the same urgency, especially for situations we would prefer not to think about.  A retirement plan will allow you to focus on the bucket list, the grandchildren, or the golf course without hassle or worry.

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