Your Business

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Your Business

Running your own business can be very rewarding, but calling it hard work is an understatement. You will face problems you never encountered before. Your financial plan and strategy will require a makeover.

Our staff is well versed in dealing with businesses and their owners. Business solutions can involve more scenarios involving the operating and holding company as well as owners own personal investment accounts. Group RSPs are often a consideration as is a group benefits plan.  An in-depth review of all aspects is crucial to your businesses survival and future wellbeing.

Some things to think about at this stage of life:

  • Government programs for your business
  • Investment tax planning
  • Key Person insurance – disability and critical illness on owners and managers (the most important assets!)
  • Group RSPs
  • Group benefits
  • Making correct hiring decisions
  • Risk management – general liability and property insurance planning

It’s easy to respond to problems in the present, but it’s much more difficult to look ahead with the same urgency, especially for situations we would prefer not to think about.  Our process involves looking at all aspects of your business including general insurance with our partner Guild Insurance Brokers.

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